Dekabrist ( Ex IJN Hibiki )


Hibiki was a Fubuki class destroyer laid down in 1930 and launched in 1932 for the Imperial Japanese navy. Under second world war she participated as an escort in the invasion of Malaya and the Philippines in 1942, and in the operations against the Aleutian islands later the same year. In 1943 she did service as an escort for both aircraft carriers and several tanker convoys. She was damaged in battle twice by American airplanes during the war. In 1947 the destroyer was given to the USSR as spoils of war and was renamed ti Verniy, and then to Dekabrist the following year. In 1962 the destroyer was used as a target for the Soviet navy or air force ( the sources vary in this detail ) and sunk in the bay of Peter the great at Karamzin island outside Vladivostok. The wreck rest today on a depth of 22 to 26 meter.

Former names:
Verniy, IJN Hibiki
106,7 x 104,4 x 3,7 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
2080 displ
Kyoto ( JP ) 1930
Vladivostok ( USSR )

Picture: IJN Fubuki
Courtesy of Wikipedia