SMS Eber

American Samoa,Asia

SMS Eber was an auxuliary steamer rigged as a barque, built at Kaiserliche Werft in Kiel, and was launched in February 1887. She was a gunboat specifically designed to exercise the so called gunboat diplomacy which was the norm at that time. She was commissioned in September 1887 and sat course for the Pacific. At this time it was tensions between Germany, France and England over the control of the Samoan Islands. The Samoan civil war eventually ended with Germany taking control over the islands. While at anchor Apia Harbor a hurricane hit the islands 15. March 1889 that lasted for two days. Several ships were damaged, and Eber ran aground 16. March and sank with only five men from her crew surviving. She was severely damaged and broken up during the hurricane, and parts of her hull was later partly salvaged using explosives. Ship parts and personal effects were found on the wreck site in the late 1990's positively identifying her as the Eber. Scattered wisted wreck debris parts can be seen today on the west side of the harbor.

Former names:
SMS Eber

167,4 x 26,3 12,6 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
760 grt
Kiel ( D ) 1887
( D )

Picture: SMS Eber in 1887
Marine Rundschau

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