HMS Exeter


HMS Exeter was a York class heavy cruiser laid down by Devonport Dockyard in August 1928. She was launched in July 1929, and was commissioned in 1931. She was assigned and transferred to several station around the globe in the 1930s, and at the outbreak of world war two she was part of the South American division. 13.December 1939 she engaged the German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Von Spee in the battle of River Plate. She was heavily damaged in the battle and had to break contact and return to base. Her repairs finished in March 1941, and she did a few patrols in northern waters and exercises before she was sent to the Far East Fleet. After the Japanese undeclared war in December 1941, she took part in both battles of Java in February 1942. Under the second battle she came under attack from four Japanese cruisers and four destroyers 29.February. She was hit in the boiler room and her power went out. Unable to steer the ship or operate the guns, orders to abandon ship and scuttle her was given. While she was sinking, the Japanese destroyers closed in and torpedoed her. 652 men from Exter was picked up by the Japanese ships and became prisoners of war. The wreck was found in 20007, and rest today on a depth of 60 meter northwest of Baewan Island. Illegal salvaging has been done on the wreck, which is now totally destroyed.

Former names:
575,1 x 58,0 x 17,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
8390 displ ( std )
Plymouth ( UK )
( UK)

Picture: HMS Exeter in 1934
Courtesy of US Navy, picture NH60812, Public domain

Last updated: January 2021