IJN Fumisuki


The Japanese destroyer Fumisuki was laid down in Osaka and launched in February 1926. Under second wrld war she had an active career and participated in operations at the Philippines, French Indochina,Truk and New Guinea. While at port in Truk, she was hit by two bombs from American planes from the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise 17.February 1944. The hits caused engine problems and leaks, and she sank the next day. The wreck stands today on her keel as a Donald Duck wreck on a depth of 31 to 39 meter.

Former names:
IJN Fumisuki
No 29
335,1 x 30,1 x 9,9 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1913 grt
Osaka ( JP ) 1926
Truk ( JP )

Picture: IJN Fumisuki ( 文月 )
Wikia,Public domain

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