IJN Hoki Maru - ほ き まる


The Hauraki was laid down by William Denny & Brothers Ltd in Scotland in 1920, and was launched in November 1921. In 1922 she entered service for the company Union Steamship Corporation of New Zealand. After the outbreak of World War Two, she was requisitioned by the Royal Admiralty as a transport ship. En route to Colombo she was captured by the two Japanese merchant cruisers IJN Hokaku Maru and IJN Aikoku Maru outside Ceylon 12.July 1942. She was renamed to Hoki Maru and put in service in the Imperial Japanese navy as a transport ship. Loaded with coal, ammunition, machinery parts and vehicles, she sunk after being heavily damaged by American planes from Task Force 58 in Truk lagoon 17.February 1944. The war torn wreck rest today on her keel as a classic Donald Duck wreck,on a depth of 22 to 56 meter, with her bow and forward section flattened out all the way to aft no#5.

Former names:
Hoki Maru - ほき まる
450,5 x 58,1 x 21,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
7113 grt
Dumbarton ( UK ) 1921
( JP )

N7° 21' 13.5" E151° 54' 48.3" ( WGS 84 )
( Source: Michael McFadyen )

Picture: Hauraki, unknown date
Courtesy of Bob Scott & NZ Liners

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