IJN I - 1 伊 号第一潜水艦

Solomon Islands,Asia

I-1 was a Japanese J type submarine laid down by Kawasaki Heavy Industries in March 1923. She was launched in October the following year, and commissioned two years later. She participated in the Second Sino-Japanese War in the late 1930's, and after the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, she went on several anti-shipping patrols and participated in the Aleutian Islands and the Guadalcanal campaign. In February 1943 Japanese forces started Operation Ke, the evacuation from Guadalcanal. I-1 was in the area of Cape Esperance where she was spotted by the minesweepers HMNZS Kiwi and HMNZS Moa 29. January 1943. She was forced to surface by depth charges and soon after rammed by Kwi and beached. The wreck was partly salvaged in the 1960's and 1970,s but her stern section is mostly intact. The remains of her rest on a depth of 5 to 30 meter about two hundred meters from shore at Tambea Bay.

Former names:
I - 1
No 1 Submarine - 伊号第一潜水艦
320,0 x 30,0 x 16,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
2135 displ ( surfaced )
Kobe ( JP ) 1924
( JP )

9°13'00.0"S 159°40'00.0"E
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