USS Kanawha

Solomon Islands,Asia

Fuel Ship # 13 was a steam tanker laid down by Mare Island Navy Yard in December 1913. She was launched in July 1914 and was commissioned as the first purpose built fleet tanker in US Navy in June 1915. She served in The Great War and was sent to France to support the cruiser squadron and convoys. She was sent back to US waters in 1919 and was decommissioned ten years later.  She was commissioned again in 1935 and assigned to supply US Navy at Panama Canal and Caribbean. After the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor 7. December 1941, she was assigned to support convoys between Hawaii and California, followed by support to the operations at Gualdalcanal. She was spotted and attacked by Japanese airplanes in Tulagi harbor 7. April 1943 and set on fire. The burned out hulk was later towed out of the harbor and beached. The following morning she slid off and disappeared in the deep. In the 1960's artifacts and the propellers were salvaged. The wreck rest today at the entrance to Tulagi harbor on a depth of 39 to 57 meter.

Former names:
USS Kanawha
Fuel Ship # 13, AO 1
475,7 x 56,3 x 26,8 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
14500 grt
Vallejo ( US ) 1914
( US )

GPS ( WGS84 )  S9° 6' 59.3" E160° 9' 49.7
( Source: Michael McFadyen )

Last updated: November 2019