Kikuzuki - 菊月i

Solomon Islands,Asia

Number 31 was a Mutsuki class destroyer laid down by Maizuru Naval Arsenal in June 1925. She was launched in May the following year and commissioned two years later as Kikuzuki. She took part in the Second Sino-Japanese in the late 1930's and at the same time as the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, she took part in the invasion of Guam. She was stationed at Truk lagoon, and was assigned to support the invasion at the Solomon Islands in 1942. While she laid at anchor in Tulagi harbor she was torpedoed and heavily damaged by American dive bombers from USS Yorktown 4. May 1942. She was towed out of the harbor and beached at Gatuvu island soon after. When the American forces re-captured the Solomon Islands they checked the wreck for intelligence and equipment, but soon abandoned her. The wreck rest today barely submerged in shallow waters.

Former names:
Kikuzuki - 菊月
# 31
335,0 x 30,1 x 9,9 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1336 displ ( std )
Maizuru ( JP ) 1926
Truk ( JP )

9°07'00.0"S 160°12'00.0"E

Picture: Kikuzuki - 菊月 in 1932
Courtesy of
Kure Maritime Museum

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