Kinugawa Maru

Solomon Islands,Asia

Kinugawa Maru was a general cargo ship built by Mitsubishi Dockyard & Engineering Works in Nagasaki, and was launched in 1938 for the Japanese company Toyo Kaiun K.K. She was requisitioned by the Japanese Imperial Navy as an auxiliary transport after the outbreak of hostilities between USA and Japan in December 1941. Under a journey under one of the so-called Tokyo Express supply runs to Gualdalcanal 14. November 1942, the convoy she is in is spotted by an American reconnaissance airplane. Most of the convoy are sunk, but Kinugawa manage to break through and deliver the cargo of soliders and military supplies. The following day she is shelled by US artillery and the destroyer USS Meade. Full ablaze she is beached at Mboni beach and abandoned by her crew. An American airplane hit her stern later that same evening and seal her fate. The wreck rest today partly visible on the surface and down to a depth of 2 to 27 meter right outside Mbonegi Beach northwest of Honeira.

Former names:
Kinugawa Maru

138,3 x 17,9 x 8,1 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
6937 grt
Nagasaki ( JP ) 1938
( JP )

9°22'42.9"S 159°52'14.8"E

Picture: Kinugawa Maru shipwrecked in 1943
Courtesy of US Navy, Public Domian

Last updated: February 2021