Mosquet was a French destroyer of the Arquebuse class and was laid down at A C de la Loire in St.Nazaire in November 1900, and was launched in August 1902 as one of twenty built in total.  After sea trials in April 1902, she was put in service for the French navy. At the outbreak of World War One, she was located in Penang in Malaysia. At the same time, the German East Asia squadron set sail for Europe, and one of this squadrons light cruisers, the SMS Emden, sat course for a solo run to intercept and wreck havoc on enemy installations and ships. In the morning hours 28.October 1914, the SMS Emden engaged the Russian cruiser Zhemchug in the inner harbor of Georgetown. After a quick battle the cruiser sank, and Emden came under fire from two other French destroyers, the Fronde and D'Iberville. She disregarded this and set course for open waters when she spotted the returning French destroyer Mousquet. The French destroyer engaged Emden but didnt stand a chance against the much more powerful enemy ship, After a five minute battle she was sunk by gunfire from Emden. Of her of crew of 80 men, 36 were picked up by Emden after the engagement.  A memorial is placed today in the front of the Church of Assumption in Penang, honoring the casualties from Mousquet. The anchor was salvaged from the wreck in 1970, and can today be seen at the Penang State Museum. According to some local divers, they claim that the remains of Mousquet rest on a depth of 15 meters, totally flattened out, approx 11 miles ( ? )  outside Muka Head at the entrance to the harbor

Former names:
M 16
191,2 x 20,1 x 10,6 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
  298 disp ( std )
St. Nazaire ( F ) 1902
( F )

Official position N 5 38 E 100 25
( Source: )

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