IJN Musashi


The battleship Musashi was together with her sister ship Yamato, one of the worlds largest battleships ever built. She was laid down at Mitsubishi Kobe in March 1938, and was launched in November 1940. She was sunk 24.October 1944 by American airplanes from Task Force 58 under the second phase of the Battle of Leyte Gulf. She shot down eighteen American airplanes during the battle, but was herself hit by 19 torpedoes and 17 bombs before she went down in the deep. 1023 men lost their lives in the sinking. The wreck was found in 2015 by Paul Allen on a depth of 900 meter in the Sibuyan Sea outside the Philippines.

Former names:
IJN Musashi

800,6 x 121,1 x 35,8 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
64000 displ
Nagasaki ( JP ) 1940 ( JP )

Picture: IJN Musashi - 武蔵
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