IJN Nagato


The Japanese battleship Nagato went down at Bikini atoll at night 30.July 1946 after being hit by an atomic bomb under the Baker test. She had participated in several of the major naval engagements that took place in the Pacific during second world war, and was damaged several times. In 1945 due to severe shortage of fuel, she was used to protect the coastline and do service as a floating anti aircraft battery. She surrendered to the American forces in Yokosuka 30. December 1945. In March 1946 it was decided that she should set course for the Marshall Islands to be used as a target for the atomic bomb's in Operation Crossroads. 28.July 1946 the underwater bomb Able was fired, but she only received minor damage. Two days later the Baker was released and she sank to a depth of 32 meter.

Former names:
IJN Nagato - 長門

221,1 x 32,9 x 9,5 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
39120 grt Kobe ( JP ) 1920 ( JP )

GPS: 11° 36.685' N, 165° 29.553' E
( Source: Scuba Doctor )

Picture: Nagato - 長門
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