IJN Sakawa


The Japanese light cruiser Sakawa was laid down at the naval yard in Sasebo in 1942, and was launched in April 1944. Due to shortage of fuel she was never used in operations or combat during world war two, and was after the war used to transport Japanese troops back home. In 1946 she was confiscated by the USA as spoils of war. She got the doubtful honor being used as a target ship under testing of two atomic bombs in Micronesia, operation Crossroads. She sank the day after the first test 1. July 1946, the so called Able Test, in the lagoon west of Bikini Island. The wreck rest today resting on her keel as a classic Donald Duck wreck on a depth of 55 to 60 meter.

Former names:
Sakawa - 酒 匂

174,1 x 15,2 x 5,6 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
6652 displ ( std )
Sasebo ( JP ) 1944
( JP )

GPS: 11°36.859' N, 165° 29.177' E
( Source: Scuba Doctor )

Picture: IJN Sakawa in 1946 as a target ship
Courtesy of US Navy, Public domain

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