San Fransisco Maru


San Fransisco Maru is one of many wrecks in Chuuk lagoon that was sunk during the ferocious American assaults under second world war. She laid at anchor in Truk lagoon loaded with military equipment  when she was attacked several times 16.February 1944 by American air planes. A 250 kg bomb hit her mid ship, and she started to leak. She slowly went down, fully loaded with military equipment, ammunition and vehicles. The wreck was found in 1969 by Jaques Cousteau and is often called " The Million Dollar Wreck " because of the cargo she carried. She laid herself to rest on a depth of approximately 42 to 60 meter. On the deck you can see remains of trucks, type 97 Chi-Ha tanks. and in the the cargo there are loads of mines, torpedoes, bombs, artillery, weapons, ammunition, airplane motors and mechanical parts.

Former names:
San Fransisco Maru

117,0 x 15,5 x ? m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
5831 grt
Kobe ( JP ) 1919 ( JP )

Picture: San Fransisco Maru
Courtesy of Dr Shane Currie

Last updated: August 2019