USS Arkansas


USS Arkansas was a Wyoming class battleship laid down by New York Shipbuilding Corporation January 1910, and was launched in January 1911. She participated in World War One but saw little action, and was modernized in the 1920's. Under second world war she was refitted and spent most of her time in either training or protecting convoys. In June 1944 she participated in Operation Overlord and bombarded German positions at Omaha Beach. They year after she set sail for Pearl Harbor, and preparations for the invasion of Iwo Jima and Okinawa where she was used for shore bombardment and support for the invasion forces. Under the operations in March 1945 at Okinawa, she was attacked by Japanese Kamikaze attacks but escaped unharmed. She received four Battle Stars for her service during second world war. She was stricken from the navy lists right after the Japan capitulated, and was assigned as a target ship for Operation Crossroads in 1946. She was sunk by the atomic bomb Baker at Bikini Island 25. July 1946. The wreck rest today upside down on a depth of 55 meter.

Former names:
USS Arkansas
562,0 x 93,3 x 28,6 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
26000 displ
New York ( US ) 1911 Pearl Harbor ( US )

GPS: 11° 36.559' N, 165° 29.342' E
( Source: Scuba Doctor )

Picture: USS Arkansas
Bundesarchiv, Germany, Bild 102-10062