USS Emmons


USS Emmons was built in Bath in the USA in 1941, and did escort duties in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean sea until late 1944. She was refitted and equipped as a high speed destroyer and minesweeper, and in early April 1945 she patrolled and secured the waters outside Okinawa, where also the battleship USS Arkansas took part. She was attacked 6.April 1945 by Japanese Kamikaze pilots, and was hit by five planes and heavily damaged. Later that same evening order to abandon ship was given. Under the Kamikaze attacks, sixty men lost their lives, and another 77 men were wounded. She was sunk the following morning by USS Ellyson to prevent her from falling in enemy hands. The wreck was found by sport divers in 2001, and rest today on a depth of approximately 45 meter, one nautical mile north of the island Kouri outside Okinawa.

Former names:
USS Emmons
DD-457, DMS-22 348,4 x 35,1 x 13,2 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
2050 displ
Bath ( US ) 1941 ( US )

Picture: USS Emmons in 1943
Courtesy of Navsource