USS Utah


USS Utah was a Florida class dreadnought battleship laid down by New York Shipbuilding Corporation in March 1909. She was launched in December 1909 and commissioned eights months later. She took part in the US occupation of Vera Cruz in 1914, and served as a convoy escort during The Great War. In 1931 she was rigged down and used as a target and training ship. After modernization she was sent to Pearl Harbor in late 1941. Under the Japanese surprise attack 7. December 1941 she was one of the first to be attacked. She was hit by two torpedoes and capsized soon after. 58 men of her crew lost their lives. Attempts to re-float the wreck failed, and she was partly salvaged and scrapped on site. USS Utah is today a War Memorial in Pearl Harbor, and her battered wreck rest partly visible on the surface and down to a depth of ten meters.  Also see the wreck of the battleship USS Arizona.

Former names:
USS Utah
BB 31, AG 16
521,6 x 88,3 x 28,6 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
21825 displ ( std )
New York ( US ) 1909
Pearl Harbor ( US )

Picture: USS Utah in 1911
Courtesy of US Navy, Public domain

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