IJN Yamashiro


Yamashiro was a Fuso class dreadnought built by Yokosuka Naval Arsenal in 1913, and was launched in November 1915.
In First World War she was used to patrol Chinese waters, and only played a minor role. She was modernized in the 1930's, and after the outbreak of world war two she participated in several operations, including as a screening force when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor 7. December 1941. She was damaged by American airplanes in Surigao Strait 24.October 1944, and finally sunk by another attack the following day in a hail of torpedoes and shells from American destroyers and cruisers, and also by airplanes. She went down in the deep at 04:19 and 1626 men from her crew lsot their lives in the sinking. The battered wreck was found in April 2001, but her identity was not verified before November 2017 by Tony Allen. The wreck rest today on a depth of 236 meter in Surigao Strait.

Former names:
IJN Yamashiro - 山城

630,0 x 94,2 x 28,7 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
34700 displ
Yokosuka ( JP ) 1915 ( JP )

Picture: IJN Yamashiro - 山城
Courtesy of History.navy.mil