IJN Yamashiro


The Japanese battleship Yamashiro was sunk in the battle of Surigao Strait 25.October 1944. The day before she had been attacked by American planes and was damaged. She was sunk the day after in a hail of fire by torpedoes from destroyers, hits from several cruisers and attacks from planes. She sank at 04:19 and 1626 men from her crew perished. The wreck was found in April 2001, but not verified before November 2017 by Tony Allen on a depth of 236 meter in Surigao Strait.

Former names:
IJN Yamashiro

630,0 x 94,2 x 28,7 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
34700 displ
Yokosuka ( JP ) 1915 ( JP )

Picture: IJN Yamashiro

Sonar picture: Wreck of Yamashiro
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"Wikipedia: John Bennett claimed to have discovered Yamashiro's wreck in April 2001, but confirmation of the wreck's identity could not be made.26 November 2017, Paul Allen and his crew aboard the research ship R/V Petrel, discovered the wreck of Yamashiro and confirmed her identity. The ship was found upside down and mostly intact, with the forward bow folded over the hull and the area around the engine rooms partially collapsed"