IJN Yamato


The Japanese battleship Yamato was together with her sister ship Musashi the worlds largest battleships ever built at that time. She participated in many battles of second world war, but only fired her guns one time before her last battle in 1945. In the American upcoming invasion of Okinawa, the Japanese admiralty assigned Yamato, one cruiser and eight destroyers to assist the island, in Operation Ten-Go. She left Tokuyama 6.April and already the morning after she was spotted by American forces. She was constantly shadowed by two American sea planes, and at 12:30 the first wave of 280 American planes were ready for battle. Several waves of attacks followed and Yamato was hit by eleven torpedoes and six bombs. She developed a strong listing, and disappeared in the deep two hours later, and right before she capsized, one of her magazines exploded and broke her in two parts. 3055 men of her crew lost their life in the intense battle and the sinking. The mighty wreck rest today on a depth of 340 meter, some 290 kilometer southwest of Kyushu.

Former names:
IJN Yamato

863,0 x 121,0 x 34,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
65027 displ Hiroshima ( JP ) 1940 ( JP )

Picture: IJN Yamato
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