USS Yorktown

Pacific Ocean

USS Yorktown was laid down at Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock in Virginia in May 1934. She was launched in April 1936, and was commissioned September 1937. After the undeclared war and Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor 7.December 1941 she was extensively used in the Pacific theater. She was damaged in the battle of the Coral Sea in Mat 1942, and was sent for repairs in Pearl Harbor. At the battle of Midway the month after, she was heavily damaged by Japanese planes 4.June 1942 and was crippled and lost all power and propulsion.  She was taken under tow by the minesweeper USS Vireo, but two days later she was hot mid ship by torpedoes from the Japanese submarine I-168. The remaining crew on Yorktown abandoned ship in the morning 7.June Yorktown capsized and went down in the deep. The wreck was found by Robert Ballard in 1989 in a remarkable good condition. She is resting on her keel on a depth of approx 5000 meter northeast of Sand Island and the Midway Atoll.

Former names:
824,9 x 83,3 x 36,0
Tons: Built: Home Port:
25000 displ ( std )
Newport News ( US ) 1936
( US )

30° 35' 35.39" N
176° 34' 2.39" W
( Source: USN )

Picture: USS Yorktown in 1942
Courtesy of US Navy, Public domain

Last updated: January 2021