Zhiyuan - 致遠


Zhiyuan was a protected cruiser laid down by Armstrong Whitworth & Company in October 1885. Shea was launched in September 1886 for the Chinese Navy. She was commissioned in July 1887 and assigned to the Beiyang Fleet in China.  17. September 1894, during Battle of the Yalu River under the First Sino Japanese War, she     came under attack from a Japanese corvette and several cruisers. She was hit in the bow and soon after she disappeared in the deep together with 245 officers and crewmen. Only seven men survived the sinking. The wreck was found in 2013 and reston a depth of twenty meters southeast of Wumang Island. Also see the wreck of the cruiser Jingyuan.

Former names:
Zhiyuan - 致遠

Tons: Built: Home Port:

Elswick ( UK ) 1886
( CH )

39° 12′ 50″ N, 123° 7′ 35″ E

Picture: Zhiyuan - 致遠 in 1894
Courtesy or Naval History Society

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