Western Australia

XGeorge M. Shiver was an American Liberty ship laid down by Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation in Baltimore in September 1943, and was launched one moth later for the US Maritime Commission. She was transferred to the Norwegian government in exile and renamed Viggo Hansteen, and participated in several convoys across the Atlantic. After Second World War she sold to the Norwegian company Uglestad Rederi, and In 1963 to the Greek company Alkimos Shipping. Under a journey from Jakarta to Bunbury she hit ground outside Beagle Island 19. March 1963. She came off the reef and was towed to Frematle and repaired. After several failed tow and rescue operations she was laid up at anchor outside Eglington, where her anchor finally broke and she drifted ashore and shipwrecked in May 1964.  The battered wreck rest today partly visible on the surface and down to a depth of 8 meters southwest of Eglington.

Former names:
George M. Shiver,
Viggo Hansteen
441,6 x 57,0 x 27,8 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
7037 grt
Baltimore ( US ) 1943
Piraeus (  GR )

31°36'37.3"S 115°39'13.6"E

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