HMAS Cerberus


HMAS Cerberus was built for service in the colonies and arrived Australia in 1871. The monitor did service as a guard boat during world war one, and in April 1924 the ship was sold for scrapping to Melbourne Salvage Company. She was later placed in Half Moon Bay as a breakwater in September 1926, and has since then laid there with the deck barely under water and the hull resting on a depth of 4 meter. She is one of very few remaining monitors left in the world, together with the American USS Monitor ,Thor in Norway, the Russian Rusalka and the Hungarian SMS Leitha monitor museum in Budapest. There has been plans to raise the wreck Cerberus, but as of 2018 the wreck still laid there at Black Rock outside Melbourne.

Former names:
HMAS Cerberus

225,0 x 45,1 x 15,6 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
3340 displ
Jarrow ( UK ) 1869 ( AU )

Picture: HMAS Cerberus
Courtesy of "Navy" Australia

"In 1866, the Victorian government ordered a ship to supplement the shore-based fortifications of Port Philip Bay, and to defend the colony in the event of a Russian attack. Cerberus was ordered on the understanding that if she operated in any role other than the defence of Victoria, she would revert to Admiralty control.The monitor was constructed by Palmers Shipbuilding at their Jarrow-on-Tyne shipyard. She was laid down on 1 August 1867, launched on 2 December 1868, and completed in August 1870. Cerberus cost £117,556 to build, with the British Admiralty meeting 80% of the cost"

Last updated: August 2019