HMAS Goorangai


HMAS Goorangai was a Castle class steam trawler built by the Government Dockyard in New South Wales, and was launched in 1919. She was sold to Cam & Sons Ltd in Sydney seven years later, and sailed for them until the outbreak of World War Two. She was requisitioned by the Australian Navy in September 1939, and was refitted as an auxiliary minesweeper. She received a crew of 24 men and was assigned to Mine Sweeper Group 54 in Melbourne. Under a journey from Queenscliff to Portsea 20. November 1940, she collided with the ocean liner Duntroon and went down with all hands lost. The battered remains of her rest today on a depth of 15 meter in Port Philip Bay.

Former names:
HMAS Goorangai
Goorangai 117,0 x 22,1 x 13,8 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
223 grt
Newcastle ( AU ) 1919
Sydney ( AU )

Picture: HMAS Goorangai
Courtesy of Royal Australia Navy

Last updated: August 2016