HMS J3 was a J class submarine built at Pembroke Dock, and was launched in December 1915. Six of these were built and all of them were assigned to 11. Submarine Flotilla n England. 7. In March 1919 all the remaining J class submarines were gifted to the Royal Australian Navy, except for HMS J6 who was lost late in First World War. They arrived Australian waters in July 1919, and were all taken out of active service for maintenance and repairs. After some exercises they were all stricken from the Navy lists in July 1922. She was beached on the northeast side of Swan Island in January 1926 as a breakwater and power source for the naval base on the island. The wreck is still visible on the surface or satellite for that matter, with parts of her hull submerged. Also see her sister ships HMAS J1, HMAS J2, HMAS J4, HMAS J5, HMAS J7 and HMS J6 in England.

Former names:
275,5 x 23,0 x 14,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1210 displ ( surfaced )
Depthford ( UK ) 1915
( AU )

38°14'38.6"S 144°42'11.1"E

Picture: J class submarines
Courtesy of Royal Australian Navy, Public domain

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