The steamer Kanowna was laid down at Dumbarton in Scotland, and was launched in 1903. She was designed as a three masted schooner with a steam engine, which was a typical design at the time. She entered service for the company Australian United Steam Navigation Company as a liner between Freemantle and Sydney. She was requisitioned in June 1915 by the British Admiralty, and served as a troop transport and hospital ship under the Great War. She was returned to her owners in 1919 and continued her former service as a liner. Under a voyage from Cairns to Melbourne she ran aground on an uncharted rock outside Wilson Promontory 8.February 1929. Orders to abandon ship was given, and she was left stuck on the reef. She later slid off the rock and sank in deep waters in Bass Strait. The wreck was found In April 2005 by technical divers from Southern Ocean Exploration. The wreck rest today on a depth of 74 to 80 meter.

Former names:

415,6 x 52,2 x 28,6 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
6953 grt
Dumbarton ( UK ) 1903
Adelaide ( AU )

Picture: Kanowna
Courtesy of State Library, South Australia

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