Lady Loch


Lady Loch was an iron screw steamer laid down as a lighthouse tender in Melbourne, and was launched in 1886 for the Department of Public Works. She was bought by the Commonwealth in 1917. and three years later to A.S.Rodgers. When the Commonwealth required more tonnage to care for the lights she was repurchased in May 1925. She was sold again ten years later to a Mr. Cook, converted to a barge operating on the Brisbane river, and used by Moreton Tug & Lighter Company. She was deliberately scuttled at Dunwich in Moreton Bay in 1962 and rest today in shallow waters.

Former names:
Lady Loch

182,7 x 24,6 x 14,4 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
487 grt
Melbourne ( AU ) 1886
( AU )

Picture: Lady Loch
Courtesy of South Australian Maritime Museum

Last updated: June 2009