President Coolidge


President Coolidge went down 26.October 1942 with a cargo of soldiers and military material meant as reinforcements to the invasion of Guadalcanal. In early October 1942 she left San Francisco under the command of Captain Nelson with course toward New Caledonia. She carried 5092 soldiers from 43. Infantry division. Early in the morning 26.October she arrived at the eastern part of Segond Channel outside Espiritu Santo. This part of the ship lane had been mined, but information about this minor detail was not forwarded to President Coolidge. After several misunderstandings with a guard boat, she continued and hit two mines. Captain Nelson immediately gave the order to beach the ship and at 10:00 she was anchored up on the nearby bank. The soldiers were ordered to abandon ship, but without their equipment. At 10:55 she rolled over on her port side and sank together with all the equipment of the Infantry division. The wreck rest today on a depth of 15 to 70 meter.

Former names:
President Coolidge

654,3 x 81,0 x 34,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
21936 grt
Newport ( USA ) 1931 ( US )

15°31'27.1"S 167°14'06.8"E

Picture: President Coolidge
Courtesy of  Leslie Godfrey

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