HMAS Pioneer

New South Wales

The light cruiser HMS Pioneer was laid down at Chatham Dockyard in December 1897, and was launched in June 1899
for Royal Navy. She served in British waters and the Mediterranean, before she was transferred to the Australian navy in 1912. In First World War she participated in operations in East-Africa and captured several German ships. She was taken out of service in November 1916, and ten years later rigged down. She was scuttled outside Sydney 18. February 1931. The wreck was located in 2014 east of Vaucluse on a depth of 67 meter.

Former names:
HMAS Pioneer
HMS Pioneer
313,0 x 26,9 z 15,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
2200 displ
Kent ( UK ) 1899
( AU )

GPS (WGS84): 33 51.850 S 151 19.844 E
( Source: Damien Siviero )

Picture: HMAS Pioneer
Courtesy of Royal Australian Navy,
Public domain

Last updated: August 2017