Rainbow Warrior

North Island,New Zealand

In 1985 France planned to test an atomic bomb at Moruroa in French Polynesia. This was something Greenpeace didnt like much, and they sent a group of activists to New Zealand on their flagship Rainbow Warrior. This again, was something the French intelligence service DGSE didnt like much, and they launched Operation Satanique. Agents from DGSE sunk the ship with two mines in Auckland harbor 10.July 1985. France officially denied the operation, but two agents were later arrested and the truth was revealed. She was raised, but declared a total wreck and scuttled in Maturi Bay 12.December 1987. The wreck rest today on a depth of 26 meter southeast of Cavelli Island.

Former names:
Rainbow Warrior
Sir William Hardy
127,5 x 27,7 x 15,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
418 grt
Aberdeen ( UK ) 1954
Aberdeen ( UK )

 34º58.60' S 173º58.14' E
( Source: Seafriends )

Picture: Rainbow Warrior
Wikipedia, Public domain

"Owned in 1967 by the Ministry of Technology. Sold in 1978 to Greenpeace, renamed Rainbow Warrior.
Sunk by French secret agents in Waitemata harbo on midnight 10 July 1985. She was sunk by underwater charges which blew two holes in the hull. The crew escaped, apart from photographer Fernando Pereira, who drowned. She was refloated but could not be repaired. The hull was towed from Auckland and scuttled near the Cavalli Islands, off the Northland coast, to become an artificial reef"