New South Wales

Wandra was a coastal steamer built by Sullivan in Coopernook in 1907, and was launched for Allen Taylor & Company. Under a journey towards Sydney she was struck by roughs seas outside Jervis Bay 15. December 1915 which made her cargo shift. She quickly developed a dangerous listing, and her captain sat course towards shore. She was anchored up in Jervis Bay and shortly after the crew had abandoned ship, she disappeared in the deep. The wreck was found by sport divers in 1973, and her scattered remains rest today on a depth of 25 meter. Her wooden hull is long gone, but her engines and propellers along with other wreck debris can still be seen.

Former names:

36,0 x 8,0 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
164 grt
Coopernook ( AU ) 1907
( AU )

35°02'47.8"S 150°50'16.8"E

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