The steamer Yongala was laid down by Armstrong & Whitworth Company in Newcastle, and was launched in April 1903 for Adelaide Steamship Company. Under a journey from Brisbane to Cairns loaded with passengers and merchant goods, she sailed into a cyclone and sank in open waters outside Townsville 23. March 1911. It is believed that 122 people lost their lives and her fate remained a mystery until the wreck was found in 1947. The site was fully investigated in1958, and the wreck rest today on a depth of 15 to 32 meter, about 48 nautical miles outside Townsville.

Former names:

360,0 x 46,3 x 30,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
3664 grt
Newcastle ( UK ) 1903 Adelaide ( AU )
19°18'14.5"S 147°37'21.4"E

Picture: Yongala
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