Admiral Nakhimov

Russia,Black Sea

The passenger ship Berlin was built at Bremer Vulkan AG in 1925 for the German company Nord Deutscher Lloyd. She was launched in March 1925 and measured 15286 gross tons and was registered for 1100 passengers. She operated in the route from Bremerhaven to New York until spring 1939.  Partially rebuilt she was chartered by the Kriegsmarine in late 1939 as a KDF ship  ( Kraft Durch Freude ). Later in the war she was used as a hospital ship. Under a convoy in January 1945 evacuating personal from the east territories she hit a mine outside Swinemünde. She was towed to Kiel where she hit another mine, and sank. She was raised by the Soviet Union in 1949 and put in service under the name Admiral Nakhimov in the Black Sea. Under a journey from Novorossisysk to Sochi with almost 900 passengers, she collided with the freighter Pyotr Vasev 31. August 1986. She sank within a few minutes and over four hundre people lost their lives. The wreck rest today on her starboard side on a depth of 30 to 48 meter outside Novorossisysk in Tsemes bay.

Former names:
Admiral Nakhimov
Berlin, Lazarettschiff A
174,3 x 6,4 x 11,9 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
17053 grt / 8942 dwt
Vegesack ( D ) 1925
Odessa ( RU )

44°36′15 N 37°52′35 E
( Source: Wikipedia )

Picture: SS Berlin in 1925
Courtesy of Vorwerk & Wilson Families

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