Romania,Black Sea

Amsel was laid down at Nordseewerke in Rostock, and was launched in 1927 for the company Schröder & Fischer in Hamburg. In 1935 she was sold to Deutche Levante Lines and renamed Arkadia. Under second world war she was chartered by Kriegsmarine and used as a troop transport at the invasion of Crete in 1941, and later in the Black Sea under Operation Barbarossa. Under a journey from Sevastapol to Constanta escorted by German R-boats 29.April 1943. she sailed into a minefield and sank. The whole crew were rescued by the German escort ship, but the ship was written of as a loss. The wreck was found in the late 1980's standing on her keel like a classic Donald Duck wreck on a depth of 18 to 30 meter outside Constanta.

Former names:
219,6 x 34,9 x 13,1 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
998 grt
Rostock ( D ) 1927
Hamburg ( D )

N 44 18.452 E 028 48.419
( Source: Black Sea Wrecks )

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