Chervona Ukraina -Червона Україна

Russia,Black Sea

Admiral Nakhimov was the first of the Admiral Nakhimov class light cruiser laid down at Russud Dockyard in October 1913. She was launched in November 1915. Due to the October Revolution in 1917 she was not completed before many years later. In January 1919 the work continued on the unfinished cruiser and she was renamed Hetman Bigdan Khmelnitsky. She was deliberately run aground under the Russian Revolution, but was later raised and renamed Chervona Ukraina in 1922. She was refitted in 1939 and 1941, just in time before the German invasion of Russia in June 1941. She supported Soviet troops under the siege of Odessa and Sevastapol, and was sunk 12. November 1941 by German JU87 Stuka airplanes in Sevastapol bay. The wreck was raised in 1947, and was used as a training ship until the early 1950's. She was beached in shallow waters outside Sterehusche in May 1952and used as a target ship. The wreck is broken down, and her battered remains of her rest today in shallow waters.

Former names:
Chervona Ukraina -
Червона Україна
Admiral Nakhimov,
Hetman Bogdan Khmelnitsky
546,1 x 51,6 x 20,4 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
8300 displ ( std )
Nikolayev ( RU ) 1927
Sevastapol ( RU )

45° 49′ 59.88″ N,
33° 9′ 0″ E

Chervona Ukraina in the late 1920's
Courtesy of M. Aman, Public domain

Picture: Photo from the wreck in the late 2000's
Courtesy of Vasilij

Last updated: December 2020