Ukraine,Black Sea

The paddle steamer Siraly was built at Schiffswerft Budapest in 1899 to do service as a passenger ferry on the Danube river for the company Donau-Dampfschiffahrts-Gesellschaft ( DDSG ). In 1904 she was renamed Dürnstein and under first world war she was chartered by Lloyds Austraico and did service at the city of Trieste. Little is known about her history after first world war and she sank after a navigational error during a storm south of Odessa 1. January 1944. According to some sources she was torpedoed by a Soviet submarine but this has not been verified. The wreck of Dürnstein was located in 2006 and rest today on a depth of approx 25 meter outside Ilyichevsk in Ukraine.

Former names:
56,6 x 12,4 x 2,7 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
125 tons **
Budapest ( AU * ) 1899
( AU* )

Picture: Paddle steamer Dürnstein on the Danube
  Photographer unknown

Shipyard: Budapest ( ? )
* Austrian-Hungary empire
ended after World War One
** Lloyds Austriaco state ton size as "125 tons"

Last updated: November 2018