Junker JU52 3M

Ukraine,Black Sea

Luftwaffe's workhorse Junker 52 served on all fronts in the Second World War. Major operations during the war include Luftwaffe's support during the Spanish Civil War, General Students attack on Crete in 1941 and Luftwaffe`s attempts to help the trapped German 6th Army in Stalingrad to mention a few. In 2009 sport divers found a wreck of an unknown JU- 52 outside Odessa in Ukraine. It is believed this was an aircraft that from Luftwaffe unit 4/KG .z.b.V 104 that crashed 13. January 1942 with the loss of nine people. The battered remains of her rest on a depth of approximately twenty meters.

Former names:
Junker JU52 3M

29,2 x 18,9 x 4,5 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
6,5 tons ( empty )
( D ) Nikolayev ( RU )

Picture: Junker JU52
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Last updated: October 2019