Komintern -

Georgia,Black Sea

Kagui was a Bogatyr class light protected cruiser laid down at Admiralty shipyard in St. Petersburg in August 1901. She was launched in March 1902 and commissioned three years later. She was assigned to the Black Sea fleet in Sevastapol, and saw action in both World War One and under the Russian Revolution. In the 1920's she was used as an accommodation vessel, and ten years later refitted as a training cruiser. In the late 1930's she was converted to a mine layer. After the German invasion of Russia in June 1941, she participated in the defense of Odessa and Sevastapol. She was damaged twice by German airplanes in March and April 1942 and was retreated to Poti. A third air attack 16. July 1942  sealed her fate and she sunk in shallow waters right outside Poti. She was written of as a total loss, and the wreck was later raised and moved to the north side of Poti and scuttled as a breakwater. The wreck rest today standing on her keel some two hundred meters from shore, just below surface, and still visible from satellite overview.

Former names:
Komintern - Коминтерн
Kagui, Parnyat Merkuria
442,7 x 53,1 x 22,4 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
6645 displ ( std )
St. Petersburg ( RU ) 1902
Poti ( RU )

42°16'28.9"N 41°37'50.4"E

Komintern - Коминтерн in 1941
Wikipedia, Public domain

Picture: The wreck of Komintern
From Rustavi 2 video

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