Bulgaria,Black Sea

L-24 was a Leninec class mine laying submarine laid down by Marti Shipyard in Nikolayev for the Soviet Navy n January 1938. She was launched in December 1940 with an improved engine compared to her earlier sister ships. She was commissioned in the Black Sea fleet in April 1942., and was sent out on several missions to lay mines outside Crimea and Bulgaria. Under a patrol to lay out mines outside Cape Kaliakra she herself sailed into a Romanian mine field outside Cape Shabla and sank with all hands lost in mid-December 1942. The wreck rest in the deep northwest of Varna.

Former names:

83,3 x 7,0 x 4,1 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1051 displ ( Surfaced )
Nikolayev ( RU ) 1940
Sevastapol ( RU )

43°19'24.0"N 28°41'30.0"E

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