Romania,Black Sea

The Leningrad class destroyer Moskva was built as Project 1 at Andre Marti in Nikolaev and launched in October 1934. After the German invasion of Soviet Union in June 1941, she was sent to support an air strike on installations in Constanta in Romania 26. June 1941. The air strike never happened and Moskva and her sister ship Kharkov bombarded oil tanks and the railway station. They were taken under fire from coastal artillery and Rumanian destroyers and Moskva was soon hit. Shortly after she also hit a mine that broke the destroyer in two parts and she sunk within a few minutes. Only 69 men of the crew were rescued. The wreck was found in 2011 on a depth of 45 meter southeast of Constanta.

Former names:
Project 1
418,4 x 38,5 x 13,4 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
2150 displ
Nikolaev ( USSR ) 1934
Sevastapol (USSR )

N44 04.033, E028 57.145
( Source: Black Sea Wrecks )

Picture: Moskva, Leningrad class destroyer
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