Narval - Нарвал

Russia,Black Sea

Narval was one of three Narval class submarines laid down by Electric Boat Company in USA for the Imperial Russian Navy. She was launched in April 1915, followed by her two sister ships the following months. She was commissioned in the Black Sea fleet, and all combined they are credited for having sunk 84 merchant ships. After the armistice of Brest-Litovsk between Germany and Russia in December 1917, they were transferred to the Reserve fleet and laid up for the rest of the war. After the Russian revolution and the British intervention they were all scuttled outside Sevastapol 26. April 1919. The wreck was found in October 2014 and rest today on a depth of 75 to 80 meter.

Former names:
Narval - Нарвал

230,0 x 21,3 x 11,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
621 displ ( surfaced )
North Kingstown ( US ) 1915
Sevastapol ( RU )

Narval - Нарвал in 1917
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