Santa Fe

Russia,Black Sea

Steigerwald was a refrigerated steam freighter laid down by Deutsche Werft AG in Hamburg, and was launched in May 1921 for the German company HAPAG.  She was sold in 1937 and renamed Santa Fe, and after the outbreak of World War Two she was taken as a prize by French forces who baptized her to Saint Andre. She sailed for Vichy France until the German occupation in 1942, here she was handed over to Mittelmer Reederei and sailed again as Santa Fe. She was assigned as a military transport in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Under an armed convoy from Constanta to Sevastapol loaded with military supplies and vehicles 23. November 1943, she was struck by two explosions outside Yevpatoria, broke in two parts and went down within a few minutes. Its is widely believed she was torpedoed by the Soviet submarine Revolutsioner. Her cargo which consisted of twelve STUG III self-propelled artillery guns and two Jagdpanzer's were almost all later salvaged, the last ones as late as in November 2019. The remains of Santa Fe rest scattered out in a wide area on a depth of 10 to 24 meter southwest of Kalamitshy Bay. Also see the wreck of the submarine hunter UJ-102.

Former names:
Santa Fe
Steigerwald, Saint Andre
126,3 x 15,3 x 8,2 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
4627 grt
Hamburg ( D ) 1921
( D )

45°05'00.0"N 33°16'00.0"E

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