Bulgaria,Black Sea

The Soviet submarine Shch-204 was laid down by 61 Kommunara in Nikolajev in April 1934, and was launched in December that same year. After testing and sea trials she was commissioned in the Black Sea fleet in December 1935. After the German invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941, she was sent on several patrols, and is reported to have attacked the Bulgarian merchant steamer Zar Ferdinand in November 1941. Little is known about this submarine, and its believed she was spotted and sunk by a Bulgarian Arado 196 or a German Heinkel 59 airplane outside Varna 6. December 1941. The historical sources vary on this detail. The wreck was found by divers in 1984 and rest today according to local divers, on her keel on a depth of 35 meter.

Former names:

187,0 x 20,4 x 12,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
577 displ ( surfaced )
Nikolayev ( USSR ) 1934
( USSR )

42° 53'N, 28° 03'E
( Source: )

  Picture: Shch-209 and the cruiser Komintern
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