Bulgaria,Black Sea

The Soviet submarine Shch-211 was laid down in at 61 Kommunara in Nikolayev in 1934 and was launched two years later in September 1936. She was assigned to the Black Sea fleet in 1938. After Operation Barbarossa, the German invasion of Soviet Union in June 1941 she manage to sink one enemy ship and damage another one tho several others were attacked with little success between August to November. She sailed into the Romanian mine field S 18 outside Varna 16.November 1941 and sank with all hands lost. The submarine was found in December 2005 resting on her keel almost completely intact except for the bow. The wreck rest today outside Cape Galata near Varna on a depth of 25 meter.

Former names:

187,0 x 20,4 x 12,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
577 displ ( surfaced )
Nikolayev ( USSR ) 1936
( USSR )

  Picture: Shch-209 in front of to the cruiser Komintern
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