Romania,Black Sea

The Soviet submarine Shch-213 was laid down in 1934 at Sudostroytelnyi Zavod Imeny 61 in Nikolayev, and was launched three years later. She was put in service in the Black Sea fleet in October 1938. After the German invasion in 1941, they were ordered to patrol the Black Sea and and sink all neutral and enemy shipping they encountered. They successfully sunk two ships during her career. In February 1942 they torpedoed the small freighter Struma carrying more than 700 Jewish refugees, where only one man survived the sinking. After combat with the German uboat hunter UJ 116 outside Constanta, she hit a mine 14.October 1942 and went down with all hands. The wreck was found in November 2008, and rest today some twenty kilometers northeast of Constanta on a depth of 30 meter.

Former names:

187,0 x 20,4 x 12,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
577 displ ( surfaced )
Nikolayev ( USSR ) 1937
( USSR )

N 44 17.340 E 028 53.992
( Source: Black Sea wrecks )

Picture: Shch-213
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