Russia,Black Sea

Magyar Vitez was a general cargo freighter ordered by the Soviet Union in 1939, and was laid down by Ganz & Danubius in Hungary and launched in 1942. She was confiscated by the Germans two years later and renamed Totilla. She was assigned as a military troop transport in the Black Sea tasked with helping evacuate the surrounded German and Romanian troops from Crimea. Loaded with thousands of soldiers, she was attacked by Soviet airplanes and hit with at least three bombs before she disappeared in the deep outside Sevastapol 10. May 1944. The number of casualties is still debated. The wreck rest today three nautical miles outside Cape Khersones on a depth of 80 to 96 meter.

Former names:
Magyar Vitez 94,0 x 13,7 x 6,9 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
2760 grt
Fiume ( IT ) 1942
( D )

Last updated: October 2020