U 23

Turkey,Black Sea

The German uboat U-23 was laid down at Friedrich Krupp Germaniawerft AG in Kiel and launched in August 1936. She was put in service the following month in 1. Flotille based in Kiel. U-23 patrolled outside the coast of Spain in the Civil war in 1936 and under second world war she did 16 patrols and sunk 14 ships. In June 1943 she was transferred to 30.Flotille in Constanta in Romania. 10.September 1944 under command of Oberleutnant Rudolf Arendt she was scuttled by her own crew together with U-19 and U-20 to prevent the Russians to capture them. The wreck was found in 2008 on a depth of 50 meter north of Bagirganli in Turkey. Also see the history of U-20.

Former names:
U 23

140,1 x 91,2 x 13,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
279 displ ( surfaced )
Kiel ( D ) 1936
Constanta ( RO )

41°11N 30°00E
( Source: Uboat.net )

Picture: U2, type IIA German uboat
Wikipedia, Public Domain

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U-23: Type IIB class uboat
Yard# 553, launched 28. August 1936

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