Lieutenant Zatsarennyj

Ukraine,Black Sea

The Russian destroyer was built at Nikolelayev in 1906 and put in service in the Black Sea in 1909. After the outbreak of world war one she was modified and was equipped with better weapons before she was used in several operations against the Ottomans. She went down 20.June 1917 after she hit a mine laid out earlier by the Turkish cruiser Midili ( former German cruiser Breslau ). The wreck was found in 2008 on a depth of 27 to 40 meter outside the island of Zmeinyi.

Former names:
Lieutenant Zatsarennyj

Tons: Built: Home Port:
4350 displ *
Nikolayev ( RU ) 1906
Sevastopol ( RU )

Picture: Zatsarennyj
Courtesy of Topwar

* Part of the Russian Naval re-armament after
the loss of the fleet in Tsushima in 1905. 4350 displ tons??

Last updated: July 2019