Almirante Oquendo


Almirante Oquendo was a Infanta Maria Terese class armored cruiser laid down by Bilbao Dockyard in January 1889. She was launched in 1891 and was commissioned two years later. The Spanish–American War began while Almirante Oquendo was at São Vicente. She and the rest of Cervera's squadron with two other cruisers departed 29 April 1898, bound for Puerto Rica, and eventually Santiago de Cuba. 3 July 1898 they left harbor and was spotted by an American squadron an hours later and the Battle of Santiago de Cuba began. Almirante was taken under heavy fire from three American battleships and took heavy damage. It was ordered to beach her and abandoned ship, She was soon after beached in shallow waters outside Rio Aserradero, where her magazines blew up. She was written of as a total loss and not worth salvaging. Some of her guns were later salvaged by the Americans and are displayed at various places in the USA today. The remains of Almirante rest today in shallow waters outside Playa Aserradero. Also see the wrecks of the armored cruisers Cristobal Colon and Vizcaya.

Former names:
Almirante Qquendo

364,0 x 65,2 x 21,6 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
6889 grt
Bilbao ( ES ) 1891
( ES )

19° 58′ 39″ N, 76° 8′ 40″ W

Picture: Almirante Oquendo
Courtesy of
US Naval Historical Center, Public domain

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