ES Antilla


Antilla was laid down by Deutsch Werft in Hamburg in Germany, and was launched in March 1939 for the German company HAPAG. She had her maiden voyage in July that same year, and despite several mechinal problems they arrived in the Caribbean in early August. Right before the outbreak of World War Two she received a coded message that they should seek shelter in a neutral port. She left Galveston in Texas and sat course for Aruba. Here she and several other German ships were eventually blocked in by Allied warships. In May 1940 it was decided to confiscate all German ships laying at anchor in Aruba. This was however refused by the Captain on Antilla, and the crew set the ship ablaze and opened her valves. A few hours later she slowly sank down in the deep in Malmok Bay. The wreck rest today in shallow waters down to a depth of approximately 18 meter.

Former names:

383,3 x 55,7 x 22,8 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
4363 grt
Hamburg ( D ) 1939 Hamburg ( D )

12 60175 N 070 05815 W

Picture: ES Antilla
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